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Finite Element Analysis - Hull/Deck/Internal Structure
Composite models with fully balanced load cases utilizing input from North Sails' Membrain for rig loads, LPP/VPP for keel & stability loads, CFD output and first principles calculations for appendage loads and CFD output for hydrostatic/dynamic loads
Finite Element Analysis - Spars and Rigging
Global and local mast wall buckling analysis; Rigging analysis including highly detailed models for fatigue analysis of composite rigging end terminations and other fittings
Finite Element Analysis - Structural Components
Keels, rudders, daggerboards, chainplates, forestay/backstay fittings, canting/lifting keel structures, hydraulic cylinders
Surface Modeling - Hull, Deck, Superstructure and Internals
Detail geometry modeling of hulls, decks, superstructures and internal structures to meet styling goals and functional criteria as well as export for FEA, CFD and CAM
Surface Modeling - Keel Fins, Bulbs, Wings, Rudders
Multi-section keel fins, rudders and daggerboards with complex blending functions for profile and thickness distribution; Twisted foils, multi-element foils including trim tabs and slots; Keel bulb modeling for T and L keels with detailed transitions blends
Composites Design and Engineering
Laminates for hulls, decks, internal structures, rigs, keel fins, rudders, daggerboards, components; Scantlings to ABS, ISO, DNV, and RINA; Detailed construction drawings
Structural Engineering of Appendages
First principles structural engineering calculations for keels, rudders and daggerboards; Scantlings to ABS, ISO, DNV and RINA; Detailed construction drawings
Mechanical Systems for Canting and Lifting Keels
Canting and lifting keel system design including system layouts and hydraulic specficiations; Design of keels, bearings and structural supports; Engineering from first principles and FEA
Ship Scantlings and Finite Element Analysis
Scantlings to various ABS and DNV Rules, classical spreadsheet-based engineering in addition to global and local FEA
Classification Society Rule Compliance
Calculations for new or existing designs to assess conformance with regulatory requirements; Experience with many marine rules from ABS, DNV, IMO, ISO and RINA and others.  Engineering and analysis of wind turbine blades to the structural prescriptions of the IEC codes

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