Finite Element Analysis
Extensive experience applying Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to a wide range of structural engineering problems;  Analysis types include linear static, non-linear static, inertia relief, buckling, normal modes, contact and transient dynamic;  Experience also includes multi-disciplinary studies such as fluid-structure interaction
Advanced Surface Modeling
Customized parametric and free-form surface modeling to create complex shapes for efficient hydrodynamic performance.  Modeling of structural components and systems including composite laminates; Specialized skills for efficient modeling of clean surface geometry for FEA and CFD applications; Custom programming of CAD software to automate surface model creation to achieve functional performance criteria
Hydrodynamic Design and Analysis
Foil section design, surface modeling of multi-section foils with complex blends, twisted foils, multi-element foils, trim tabs, bulb shapes;  Experience includes working closely with associates and consultants to support potential-flow and RANS CFD analyses, providing advanced geometry modeling and pre-processing.
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Composites Engineering
Laminate design, component engineering, panel and beam analysis, structural arrangements, construction drawings including build sequence sheets and process specifications; Application of Finite Element Analysis to a wide range of global composite structures for overall strength assessment as well as specialized studies for localized phenomenon including panel stiffness, inter-laminar shear strength, bearing strength, secondary bonding strength and crack initiation
Structural Engineering
Structural design and engineering from first principals as well as scantlings to regulatory rules from classification societies including ABS, DNV, ISO, RINA, IEC and others; Engineering for steel and composites construction; New designs as well as calculations for assessment of conformance of existing designs to scantling rules.
Mechanical Systems
Design of complex mechanical systems including general arrangements, component design, functional specifications, structural and kinematic analysis, construction drawings, material specifications and manufacturing support

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